Low Power Applications and Battery Control

The SunDuino module is a building block for the implementation of low power computers running on rechargeable batteries. There are many Single Board Computers (SBC) in the market along with many types of batteries and charger ICs but there is very little available as a complete integrated subsystem. The SunDuino is the only fully featured integrated product which is ready to run "Off The Shelf".

The key benefits the SunDuino provides:

  1. Battery charging logic is optimized for long battery life using temperature monitor. The SunDuino is a software defined charger, it supports many battery chemistries and sizes.
  2. Low current operation provides long battery life and runtime. An internal RTOS keeps battery monitoring, power event monitoring, user C Application and SLEEP mode all operating on a 100ua drain. Small batteries can run for years.
  3. Regulated output voltages of +5. +3.3 and +/-12 for the powering of external hardware. Radios, other processors, relays and LEDs are examples of external hardware which requires regulated voltages.
  4. Runs compiled C Applications and various library function for complete user control of power operation. Greatly simplifies system integration.

Two Major Architectures: Stand Alone and Power Co-Processor

Depending on application processing requirements the SunDuino PIC processor (PIC18F26K20) could provide all the processing and IO requirements. If the SunDuino PIC is insufficient a larger SBC can be used with the SunDuino relegated to the tasks associate with battery and power control. SunDuino RS-232 and I2C interfaces can be used for remote SBC communications. In either case the regulated power output are available for powering external IO circuits, application specific processors or communication hardware. The ability to download compiled C code into the SunDuino greatly simplifies system integration.

Main Features:

  • Total Integration: PIC18F processor, RTOS, Battery Charger and DC Converter.
  • Solar Panel charger logic maximizes power from solar panel even with low light.
  • Multiple Regulated Outputs: +5, +3.3, +12 and -12. Optically Isolated from input.
  • Low Battery Cutoff and Over Charge Protection for Long Battery Life.
  • Automatic "Glitchless" cutover from input power to battery operation when input power fails.
  • Completely software driven battery control system using simple EEPROM tables.
  • Runs user written C Applications on < 100ua. Runs for years on small batteries.
  • Includes a "Freshness Seal" reducing battery drain to < 1ua. Supports "Instant On" operation with full battery capacity even after years of storage.
  • Low cost version available. Custom magnetics and software available for OEM applications.

 If you need a small processor running off a battery then a Sunduino is your solution. Using advanced fabrication and Microchip nanoWatt Technology a user C application can run for years from a small battery or forever using the built in solar panel (or wall wart) input and battery charger.

Executive Summary:
Either get a SunDuino or Roll You Own.

SunDuino Solution


Off the shelf hardware, software, integration and magnetics.
Components available for DIY kind of folks.

Roll Your Own


Start from scratch with a long schedule and money for NRE. 
Consider our custom magnetics, schematics and software.